Certification Procedure

Applying for New Operator Certification or Upgrading an Existing Certification

This information outlines the steps when applying for certification or an upgrade:

1.  Complete and pass the certification exam with a mark of 70%.

  • You may challenge exams in as many different areas and levels as you choose, however you may only apply for certification in the areas and/or levels you pass.

2.  Complete the certification application form.  You can apply for more than one area and level on one application form.  You can download it from this website.  When completing the form be sure to include:

· A copy of your certification exam results.
· A proof of education document.
· Your list of duties and employment period. 
· The signature and date of you supervisor or alternate personnel who can confirm your employment period and duties list.
· The application fee of $150.00 in the form of a cheque made payable to the Operator Certification Board or by credit card.  If paying by credit card you must complete the form Credit Card Authorization Form.
· There is no fee required if you are upgrading your existing certification.

3. Operators wanting to substitute education for experience must include the Post-Secondary Assessment Form with your application.  The form can be found under downloads at the bottom of the page.

4. For operators wanting to substitute CEUs for experience or for education, include the CEU Substitution Form with your application. 

5.  Applications must be submitted to the OCB office and received by the meeting submission deadline.


Out of Province Applications

Under the Agreement on Internal Trade all certificates will be issued, at a comparable level, to any person operating within a Saskatchewan facility who holds a valid operator certification from any province or equivalent authority.

The information below outlines the steps for applying through reciprocity:

1.        Applications through reciprocity must be submitted to the OCB office by the meeting deadline.
2.        Enclose a copy of your certification exam results.
3.        Include the application fee of $150.00 payable by cheque to the Operator Certification Board or by credit card Credit Card Authorization Form.

4.        The applicant must sign the application and the applicant’s supervisor must verify their operating experience and employment period.
5.        Reciprocity applications must include copies of all certifications obtained in other jurisdictions.