Evaluation of Courses for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Assignment


The Saskatchewan Operator Certification Board is responsible for evaluating training courses and workshops and assigning the number of CEUs that will be achieved through the completion of the course.

Upon receipt of the evaluation request form from training sponsors or operators, the Board will review the course material and complete course agenda at the next Board meeting. Upon review the Board will assign the number of CEUs that will be achieved through course completion. Forms may be downloaded by clicking on the CEU Evaluation Request form below.

Courses that may be assigned CEU credit include classroom courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, in-house training by a utility, correspondence courses and e-learning. CEU for correspondence/e

E-learning will be determined by assessing the amount of time it would take to complete the course.

Courses used for certificate renewal can only be used every second renewal period.

CEU Evaluation requests must be submitted by meeting deadlines indicated on the website home page. Completed documents can be emailed to info@saskocb.ca or by mail (address is available on our Contact Us page). Incomplete forms will not reviewed and you will be notified of missing information.

A complete listing of training / courses is available at CEU Accepted Courses / Workshops. This listing is updated regularly after each meeting.

CEU Evaluation Request Form

CEU Accepted Courses & Workshops