Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I apply for my certification renewal?

Before your certification expires you will be issued a renewal notice with a renewal application. Submit the application with your renewal fee and copies of your CEU certificates. Refer to the Renewal Process under Operator Certification for more information.


2. How do I know which courses offer CEUs?
The institute providing the course should be able to tell you if there are CEUs available, if they are approved and how many.


3. Where can I get a list of courses that have been approved for CEUs?

CEU Accepted Courses & Workshops

4. Who determines and approves the number of CEUs offered on a particular course?
The training institute determines the CEUs and the Operator Certification Board approves the acceptable amount that can be used toward renewal. A Request for CEU Rating is completed by the training institute or the Operator and submitted to the OCB for evaluation.


5. Can CEUs be carried forward to the next renewal date?
No, they are only good during the valid period of certification in which they are earned. As an example; if your certification period is January 15, 2018 to January 15, 2020 you can not use courses prior to January 2018.


6. Should I send the OCB a copy of my CEU credit certificate after the course?
You should only send a copy of your certificate along with your renewal application or if you are substituting CEUs with an upgrade application.  It is the responsibility of the Operator to keep track of their CEU certificates and course completions.


7. Does an Operator have to keep copies of their own CEUs?
Yes, the Operator must keep their own CEUs on file for submission to the OCB when renewing their certification. The training institutions will also have them on record.


8. I did not obtain enough CEUs to renew my certificate; can I get an extension?
You cannot get an extension on your certification. If your certification has expired you should contact your Environmental Project Officer (EPO) with the Water Security Agency and discuss alternate options that allow your facility to remain in compliance. If you are unsure who to contact, call WSA at 306-694-3900 and they can direct you to the appropriate personnel.


9. Are safety workshops applicable for renewal?
Yes they are, as long as they are taken within the two-year term of the certification.


10. Can I repeat a workshop that was used for my renewal and use it towards a future renewal?
You cannot use the same course or workshop for two consecutive renewals. If you choose to repeat a course, in order to use it again towards renewing, it must skip one renewal period. A particular course can only be used towards renewal once in a four year period.


11. If I allow my certification to lapse, can it be reinstated at a later time?
It can be reinstated by earning 1.0 CEU for each term your certification has lapsed. If your certification has lapsed for two renewal periods you need to earn 2.0 CEUs, if it has lapsed for three renewal periods you need to earn 3.0 CEUs, etc.


12. What is my facility classification?
If you are uncertain about the rating of your facility, contact your Environmental Project Officer (EPO) or the Water Security Agency.


13. What level of certification can I apply for?
Regulations require that, for a facility to be in compliance, the Operator must be certified at facility class level. An Operator can be certified one level higher than the facility class level.


14. Does my certification automatically upgrade when I pass a certification exam?
No, the OCB does not receive a copy of your exam and has no way of knowing your mark unless it is submitted by you. To apply for an upgrade complete an application form and submit a copy of your exam results to the office.